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  • We just saved $42,000 by not switching to Betterment ...

    Both accounts grow at a (conservative!) rate of return of, say, 5% and Betterment receives an additional $1,350 from Tax Loss Harvesting per year (making the most optimistic assumption that Betterment garners enough tax losses to max out the $3,000 every year) you’d get the following:

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  • Having a Hard Time Saving? Channel Your Future Self ...

    To kick your savings into high gear, create an emotional connection to your future self. Research shows that people who interacted with their future selves were more willing to improve savings.

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  • Retirement Planning Advice That Matches How ... - Betterment

    For your Retirement Goal specifically, the vehicles you use include accounts you might have at Betterment as well as accounts outside of Betterment that you’ve synced. Common external accounts include any employer-sponsored retirement plans, like 401(k)s or 403(b)s, as well as any IRAs you’ve yet to transfer.

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  • Hiding Money From Your Spouse - Financial Infidelity

    Secret Financial Accounts and Financial Infidelity. According to a report from, 4.4 million men and around 2.8 million women have either a bank account or credit card that they keep secret from a partner.. In many cases, this can be considered a form of financial infidelity since if you are hiding money from your life partner, you aren’t being honest.

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  • Betterment Review [Great Investment Option for Beginners ...

    Betterment allows you easy access to your money when you need it without penalty or fee. Potential for much higher returns than your savings account – “High yield” savings accounts earn the rate the bank pays (currently about 1%). Investing in stocks and bonds with Betterment delivers the possibility of earning much higher returns.

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  • 37 reasons moms need $1,000 in a savings account in her ...

    Betterment offers a checking and savings accounts, the latter of which offers a higher-than-average APY, plus reimbursed ATM fees. ... Why you need $1,000 minimum in a savings account. Reasons from members of Millionaire Single Moms, our closed Facebook group. ... no matter what her husband thinks.

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  • This Is the Wrong Way to Save | The Motley Fool

    Rather than charging commissions, Betterment simply takes a 0.9% annual management fee from your assets. It's not a savings account As a concept, Betterment makes plenty of sense. Alas, I have ...

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  • 6 Reasons Having One Savings Account Can Be Bad | Budgets ...

    When we talk about savings accounts, we generally think higher interest rates are good, emergency funds are great, and you only need one of these accounts and you’re done. This isn't exactly true . I used to be the same way though - I had one checking account, one savings account, and thought that's all you ever needed. Well, I recently stumbled upon a method to

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